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the road he is on right now. >> she how screwed up the katy interview. >> i don't blame people for thinking i was not qualified. >> is she preparing for a talk show and should oprah watch her back. >> the screaming headlines that brad and angelina may be breaking up. what's the truth? tonight "showbiz tonight" with the dramatic new public way brad and angie are trying to put the rumors to rest. and tonight, the startling big bucks offer to carrie prejean for her solo sex tape. should we say sex tapes? will carrie go for it? the offer? tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. >> i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >> i'm brooke anderson from hollywood. tonight when sarah met ohm ra. the much-hyped face off between sarah palin and oprah winfrey was revealed to the world today. "showbiz tonight" is here to tell you in word, wow! there is a good reason they are calling the revelations a tell all. she is telling all about the shocking pregnancy of her teenage daughter, bristol and her feud with the baby's father, soon to be "playgirl" c
. so spare parts on their way. >>> sarah palin's new book by the way has some harsh words for katie couric. she writes that the cbs anchor was condescending, biassed and badgering during their interview. and palin said that she was annoyed by couric's constant president. >> my friend betsy, she-s the curtain to get back stage, and there's the perky one again with the cameras rolling, i'm like, dang, give me a couple of minutes to gather -- >> the perky one. >> the quality of the interview and the questions speak for themselves. >>> five men have been arrested after allegedly using a fake sir war hadn't rying to rob a back. they demanded money. the fbi says they handcuffed and threatened a bank manager when he refused to turn over the cash. >>> four people have died after their car was hit by a train. this happened near the south carolina, georgia state line last night. the car tried to get around a crossing arm and beat the amtrak train. it pushed the car a mile down the tracks before coming to a stop. no one on the train was hurt. >>> more folks across the country are going hungry,
presidential campaign. correspondent richard lui joins us now. and that includes the interview with katie couric. and what does she call her? >>> well, she calls her -- you're talking about katie couric, right? >> yeah. >> there's a loft descriptive words, condescending, biased, badgering. that's some of the ways sarah palin described katie couric. she said she didn't respond well to some of the questions because she was annoyed by couric's constant presence. she described one incidence after she had just finished a campaign rally. >> my friend opens the curtain for me to get backstage and there's the perky one again with the microphone and the cameras rolling and i'm like, dang, give me just a couple of minutes to gather -- with all due respect, yeah. nicely. >> so pretty perky, too. >> well, cbs' news president says -- yeah, that's right. the president of cbs saying the quality of the interview and the questions, they speak for themselves. >> wow. palin also claims in her book that she was basically tricked into doing the interview in the first place. how so? >> well, palin says she was
. here is a clip of her upcoming interview with oprah winfrey. >> that interview katie couric was a defining moment for you. >> segment two, three, four, and 5 -- the campaign said that this is what america needs to see, and it was a good interview. if that was a good interview, i do not know what a bad interview was, because i knew it was not a good interview. half with as gregg: now is the host of "fox news sunday," chris wallace. you have a big smile. >> she is a great character. you cannot keep your eyes of her. she is fascinating to watch, a larger-than-life personality, and i am sure that the oprah interview will be fascinating, and barbara walters, and bill o'reilly, and i hope chris wallace a week from sunday. gregg: that would be great. >> yes, we have put the invite in, and everybody would like to get with her because she is a fascinating character and a lot people love her, a lot of people are not so crazy about her, but everyone is fascinated by her. gregg: listen, you were a white house correspondent, covering a bunch of presidents and presidential campaigns and s
palin appeared on oprah for one full hour and touched on everything from katie couric to lieu vie johnston to "saturday night live." with me now, matt continetti. randi rhodes, radio talk show host. and kinky friedman. great to see you tonight. great to meet you, kinky. i don't think we've met. >> it's a pleasure, joy. >> did you see the interview? give me your tape. general idea of it. >> i thought it was a soft focus interview. i don't think oprah threw many hard balls at sarah palin. they wanted to talk about what the emotions were like. fitting for oprah. i thought she did great. >> what about you, kinky? were you attracted to her? >> she's a cute little booger -- >> she is. >> she does a good tina fey impersonation. it puts me in a diabetic coma with too much sarah. randi loves me, right? i just think what's more interesting is what it says about us. >> well, oprah asked about the infamous katie couric interview, specifically the part where she was asked what she reads. wat watch. >> i was more like, are you kids me? to me it was in the context of, do you read? it seemed like
with katie couric. hear what she said about that when we discuss it in the next hour. those are your quick headlines. brian: 10 minutes after the hour. steve: the centers for disease control released the latest death toll numbers. they are three to four times higher than estimate the. >> he estimate that 22 million people have become ill from pandemic influenza. we estimate that 98,000 people have been hospitalized so far through october 17. 900,000 people have died so far. steve: so how will the government keep up? we're joined by fox news medical contributor and author of "swine flu" dr. marc siegel. everywhere i go people are talking about i'm trying to get the swine flu vaccine. no one's got it. people want it. this is a big mistake by the government. >> it's not being distributedded properly. there's about 41 million doses but there's a scramble for it. some areas have it and no one's taking it. in new york city clinics over the weekend no one was taking it other areas there's long lines. so there's not an even distribution among the states. and they're supposed to be rolling out abou
halt. the woman was not injured during the incident. >> yeah, okay. >>> katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. >>> our exclusive investigation continues, even if a rape kit is sent to a crime lab, there is no guarantee it will be tested there. so is this allowing too many rapists to strike again and again? that story and more tonight only on the cbs evening news. >>> we'll have the five-day. first, bernadette has a closer look tomorrow. >> well, on and off showers are going to be there tonight. that's how we'll start off the afternoon. then in the afternoon, winds will pick up. temperatures cooling down. and again, on and off chances for rain. for the rest of the five-day, here's bob. >>> definitely looks like chances for rain. particularly south of us the increase couple of days. much cooler and breezy. 55 and 51. 54 with sunshine likely here late friday. saturday, 58. and some sunshine again and warmer, 64 on sunday. denise? >> thank you, bob. sports is next. >>> after five first place teams, they'll face a faltering brown team. first year
station. don't go away. much more ahead on the cbs evening news with katie couric. including the latest on the spread of the h1n1 virus. we now take you to new york and katie couric. and of course >> couric: tonight, the picture of the h1n1 epidemic is getting clearer. a lot more americans are come down with it and died of it than we knew. meanwhile, the british may have a better system for fighting that flu. i'm katie couric. also tonight, the president tells his war planners "go back to the drawing board." he's not happy with their proposals for afghanistan and asks for more options-- meaning further delay. what's left of ida batters the east coast, knocking out power to tens of thousands. and surfing on the job. while some employers are cracking down, others say it's the new way to do business. ca
the interview with katie couric. >> her book that you're talking about is called "going rogue" and palin describes couric as condescending, biassed and badgering. she said she did not respond well to some of the questions because she was annoyed by couric's constant presence. take a listen. >> my friend opens the curtain for me to get backstage and there's the perky one again with the microphone and the camera is rolling. i'm like dang, give me just a couple of minutes. with all due respect, yeah, nicely. you're pretty perky too. >> a lot of perkiness. cbs's news president says the quality of the interview and the questions speak for themselves there. >> perky one. palin also claims in her book that she was basically tricked into doing the interview in the first place. let's explain that. >> palin says she was driven to do the interview by a campaign adviser named nicole wallace who used to work with couric. she said wallace told her, quote, katie really likes you. she admires you as a working mom and just relates to you. she said katie really needed a career boost and had low self-estee
is katie to anna, and getting that done. 2-1, princeton hanging around and second half, and then the game is tied. and then a pass to herself, and maryland will face north carolina sunday looking for a national title. >> after the semi-finals and having a tremendous game on both teams, high scoring and they didn't let us by easily. >> please stay with us woman: i don't know. dealer: you know, volkswagen takes care of the scheduled maintenance at no cost. and during the sign then drive event, you can get a cc, jetta, or top safety rated tiguan for practically just your signature. it's that easy. woman: i can't believe it. woman: i can believe it. yep. >> seven-day forecast, a nice weekend and good football weather on sunday, and then the rain arrive on monday. >> and if you miss this forecast, the review is tonight
and he is kicking it off by opening up to oprah winfrey. do you remember when katie couric asked what newspaper she likes to read? >> all of them. any of them that have been in front of me over all these years. >> can you name a few? >> i have a vast variety of sources. >> we learned what palin told oprah about that and it made for big news breaking. palin reveal how she really feels about levi johnston, the father of her grandson. there is a contradiction about levi. "showbiz tonight" breaks more news about levi posing nude for play girl. from hollywood, tamika ray, an entertainment journalist. let's begin with sarah palin's interview with oprah. this is something. palin really opens up to oprah about that katie couric interview that really when you think about it came such a defining moment in the presidential campaign for her after it made her look not that bright. watch this. >> that was a defining moment for you. that interview. >> i did not. neither did the campaign. in fact that is why segment two and three and four and five were not scheduled. the campaign said right on, good.
network interviews like the one with katie couric. >> there's the perky one, again, with the microphone and the cameras rolling, and i'm like, ng, you know? give me just a couple of minutes to gather -- >> the perky one, you mean katie. >> with all due respect, yeah. nicely, yeah. >> reporter: and mccain aides deny forcing palin and her family to dress up in those designer othes. in "going rogue," she writes -- "my family was made to look like a herd of hillbillies who had come to the big city and started living high on the hog, and that hurt me for them." telling oprah -- >> okay, this is like one of those relationships you have when we're young and somebody says, oh, i just love you the way you are, now let me change you. >> reporter: in her book, palin's chief antagonist was mccain strategist steve schmt. she writes that he raised questions from day one on her views on evolution. in "going rogue," she writes that she told him she only believes in "parts of evolution" and "didn't believe in the theory that human beings -- thinking, loving beings -- originated from fish that sprouted l
. >> open invitation for levi to come to aunt katie's house for thanksgiving dinner in washington. there. >> with levi, the gq man of the year and reporters were pressing about with the palins. he refused to comment. i was looking for information on that, but after all the venom between sarah and the guy who was almost her son in law, can you imagine sarah and levi on drumsticks and masd potatoes at aunt katie's? >> not in a million years this guy will be anywhere near the palin compound. >> here did "playgirl" it would be awkward. under statement of the year? >> if he was actually the stuffed turkey. i would love to be a fly on that wall. it would be too good. >> appreciate it. we have been asking to you vote on the question of the day. sarah palin versus levi johnston. who is the bigger celebrity. keep voting or e-mail us at "showbiz tonighsho "showbiz tonight" >> carrie caught up in this embarrassing scandal and she reportedly asked the donald to help her out. didn't she diss him? will trump help her? the raging sexiest man alive debate? all heck breaks loose in the newsroom.
from john mccain. and there was the katie couric interview. >> did you think that was a seminal defining moment for you? >> i did not. and neither did the campaign. that's why segment two, three, and four were scheduled. the campaign said you're showing your independence. this is what america needs to see. this was a good entire view. i knew it wasn't a good interview. >> reporter: just before palin resigned as alaska's governor, she reveals in the book that her legal bills topped $500,000, due mostly to ethics complaints. there's a $50,000 legal bill to the mccain campaign. then, there's the family matter, involving levi johnston, the father of her grandson. >> he is a part of the family. you want to bring him in the fold. he needs to know that he is loved. and he has the most beautiful child. this can all work out for good. it really can. we don't have to keep going down this road of controversy and drama all the time. we're not really into the drama. we don't really like that. we're more productive. we have other things to concentrate on. >> does that mean he is coming or not
or no? >> palin was anything but upbeat when talking about her interview with katie couric during the 2008 presidential race. that's new in about 30 minutes. >>> you wouldn't be inviting levi for the conversation. >> better chance of the turkey talking to you. have you finally gotten off the kids' table yet? it took me a few years. when i first started throwing it at my own house, no, no, you're sitting there. >> it can last all the way through college. >> i was 34 until -- good morning, robin. last of the coastal storm that used to be ida that reformed and became more powerful. look at the rain. the sent r of the storm is down south. you see the swirl in the rain showers here. with the long fetch off the ocean. wind over the ocean for a long way. picks up moisture and throws it back in towards new jersey. we had the flash flood watches out there. and the coastal flood warnings. down towards seaside. look at the winds. these are sustained. 35 miles per hour winds off the cost. about 37 sustained winds near atlantic city. not as fast as yesterday. still enough to have a problem at
love how they act like it was a trick question from katie couric. what do you read? >> isn't she playing the victim constantly? i mean, she's always blaming everybody for her problems. >> i don't know. first of all, i don't think she's got too many problems right now. she's a bestseller. it was a bestseller before it hit the shelves. she's going to be a multimillionaire. she's doing just fine. she said it best in the oprah interview. katie couric looked at her like she was from his nomadic tribe from alaska and asking her what she read was like asking her if she read. i don't think she's being a victim. >> i don't think that's true. i think they would ask president obama, what do you read? people ask me that question all the time. >> i don't know. president obama wrote an autobiography when he was a state legislator. he listed out the things he's read and his mentors and his influences from academia. i think they wouldn't ask him that because it's very clear he's a cultured -- >> it's a legitimate question. >> bill clinton used to love to read mystery novels and talked about -- >
is to blame, this is how she got into the katie couric topic in her book. she says as for katie couric where do i begin? she did begin. she kept talking about her shoes with katie couric. how are people going to perceive that? she seems to -- how will people certificates e perceive that? >> it seems like a personal thing she has with katie couric. she goes back to the point time and time again. the one explanation is four or five pages long. she does more than that than with the rnc clothes thing and other decisions with the campaign and with the vetting. she really focuses on this interview. she clearly has some ill will toward couric. there's been a back and forth there. palin hasn't resisted in any of the interviews from slamming katie couric and i expect to see more of that. >> you talked about clothes. she says she was micromanaged and they tried to change her look. isn't some of that what happens with any new person on the national stage that they will be miko manaicromanaged to a pointd make you look your best. >> that's true. there will be dozens of people dedicated to making sure th
about her interview with katie couric during the 2008 presidential race. what she admits about that in about 30 minutes. >>> soon, very soon your bank will no longer be allowed to automatically charge you overdraft fees. jen westhoven's been giving a hallelujah in the back every once in awhile. >> yeah, because you're in the driver's seat now. if you want to keep paying those fees go right ahead. you just opt right in there. but for people like me, and a lot of other people out there who are saying hallelujah on facebook page it means the days are over of you paying a $35 fee, $35 for a $2 mistake. so that may never happen again. it won't start until july 1st. but the fed just announced that as a new rule. so it means, now it's not for things like checks. it means that a bank can't just automatically put you into their overdraft program where they are basically, they are hoping they're going to make some big money when you make a little mistake. so this only works for an overdraft on your debit card when you're at a store, for example. and i've had, you know, a few times, peopl
annually. >> katie couric will have much more on this story including reaction from the medical community about what it is saying. that is coming up at 6:30 on the "cbs evening news." >>> right now, friends and family are coming together to remember a 9-year-old boy shot in his own home. oscar fuentes was killed in an apartment on saturday night in the 1400 block of columbia road. amando troll joins us from the neighborhood with more. >> reporter: oscar's friends are out here sitting on the front step of the apartment building and when i spoke to oscar's relatives hours after he was gunned down, the picture they painted was quite different. they said on any given night, what you would see out here would be criminal, drug dealers and gang members and said one of the gang members followed the family into their apartment and when the family closed the door, he shot through that door, killing him. 9-year-old oscar fuentes was killed by a shot fired through the front door of his apartment when he was looking through the peephole. >> translator: we heard the shot. oscar ran to his room and to u
motors. surprise news from the u.s. automaker. but first katie couric has a preview of the "cbs evening news." >>> imagine building your own 747 one piece at a time. we'll introduce you to a man who is doing just that in "assignment: america" tonight only on the "cbs evening news." sdwrirks choose two entrees from over 15 chili's favorites, like our new, better-than-ever baby back ribs. then share a dessert. chili's -- three courses, two people, $20. it can be tough living with copd... but i try not to let it slow me down. i go down to the pool for a swim... get out and dance... even play a little hide-n-seek. i'm breathing better... with spiriva. announcer: spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled maintenance treatment for both forms of copd... which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. i take it every day. it keeps my airways open... to help me breathe better all day long. and it's not a steroid. announcer: spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. stop taking spiriva and call your doctor if your breathing suddenly worsens, your thrt or tongue swells, you
into a damaging series of interviews with katie couric. >> have you ever been involved with any negotiations, for example, with the russians? >> we are v. trade missions back and forth. it's very important when you consider even national security issues with russia as putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the united states of america, where do they go? it's alaska, it's just right over the border. >> reporter: while back bitesing is not unusual after losing campaigns, this says long time "washington post" reporter dan bohls is in a whole different class. >> this was a an absolute total break down within the mccain/palin camps and i know a lot of people felt it left a stain on the campaign. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: the mccain camp has begun to fire back in recent days. on background and on the record. campaign chief schmidt, for example, has said of palin's account, quote, it's fiction and not true, unquote. no debate about the book. >> i will not seek re-election as governor. >> reporter: or about palin's sudden resignation as alaska governor last summer will have mu
, the new episode of csi miami followed by eyewitness news 11:00 here on wjz. >>> katie couric has a preview of what is coming up tonight on the evening news. >> reporter: concerned about health care reform and the key issues of cost and what it means for you? we'll have a reality check tonight >>> the latest on the shocking things they say to judges. >>> a child murders a child. the disturbing confession from a young killer and the motive. >> when players take hard hits to the head. we continue boss: ah! thank goodness you're back. gecko: what's going on, sir? boss: we're slammed. tons of people interested in all the money they could be saving by switching to geico... gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: boy, did we miss you last week. that temp wasn't working out at all. exec: took me all morning but i got those quarterly figures for ... you. (hissing noise, gulping) gecko: aw, he ate all my mints. anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >>> this is wjz tv, baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties, to your neighborhood, now
being in remission, anna and katie met for the first time with plenty of hugs, laughter and tears to go around. >> it is wonderful to meet you. thank you. it is just a little something. ♪ thank you thank you ♪ thank you thank you ♪ thank you thank you >> and anna robinson, okay, i'm already crying -- and katie quinn are with us this morning. their story is featured in the december issue of "self" magazine. lucy is the magazine's editor in chief and dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor. good morning to all of you. we have to tal about this meeting. when you saw her and knew what she had done for you and she presented you then another gift, this necklace, what went through you? >> i can't thank her enough. she saved my life. there are no words to express how grateful i am for the second chance at life that she's given me and the chance to travel again and be with my boyfriend and be with my family. >> and you, katie, you're just watching that and knowing what you've done, i see tears in your eyes. because it means that much to you. >> yeah. >> why? >> it is just a very
with katie couric. >> must we? okay. >> i'm just going to ask you one more time not to belabor the point, specific examples in this 26 years of pushing for more regulation. >> i'll try to find you some and i'll bring them to you. >> did you think that was a seminole defining moment for you, that interview? >> i did not. and mets did the campaign. >> reporter: according to the associated press, palin confirms the long reported talk of tension between her aides and those of presidential running mate john mccain. she writes about the jaded ora of professional campaign and i had oigs and how they limited her access to the media. the book, however, reportedly does not include any harsh words about levi johnston, the father of palin's grandson, trip oig. johnston spoke to t"the early show" last month. >> in the quinning i was protecting sarah pi palin and she started coming out with these things and saying things about me, it was just kind of like, all right, it's time to at that time gloves off. >> le be invited to that position giving dip nner? >> that's a great question. it's lovely to thin
. >> reporter:ome othe toughest words concern the interview with katie couric. she writes that nicolle wallace, who had worked for cbs news as a republican consultant, before joining mccain campaign, convced her to do the interview, assurg her it would be favorable. >> i'm just going to ask you one who are time not to belabor the point, specific examples in his 26 years of pushing for more regulation. >> i'll try to find you some and i'll bring them to you. >> reporter: in and on the record enter swru cbs news, wallace says none of the conversations palin quotes in her book ever took place. >> tnk you so much. >> reporter: no debate about the book. >> i will not seek re-election as governor. >> reporter: or about pay lip's sudden resignation as alaska's governor will have much impact among s w are many and ardent. >> have you thought about run pog president of the united states in 2012? have you just thought about it? >> it's not on my radar screen right now. >> reporter: well, if 2012 hit her radar screen, she mass some work to do. just 23% of voters view her paverbly compared with 38% who do
this week's exclusive with sarah palin. >> let's talk about the interview with katie couric. >> must we? >> did you think that was a seminal, defining moment for you, that interview? >> i did not. >> oprah is by far the biggest television personality in the industry. she's a force. she's not just a tv star. >> reporter: the talk show star has used her fame and wealth for pet causes, founding a school in africa, raising money to fight diseases, and launching spin-off stars such as dr. phil and decorator nate burkis, and organizer peter walsh. >> talk to us about this space. >> reporter: oprah's best friend, gayle king, is famous for being -- well, oprah's friend. the host elevated chicago's profile with her own, traveling to denmark to lobby for the city's failed olympic bid, and getting emotional in grant park over the election of chicago's own barack obama. >> this happened because we did this. we did this, america did this. barack's victory is america's victory. that's what's so great about it. >> reporter: a statement from oprah's production company hints her career isn't over. sayin
needs to know he is loved and he has the most beautiful child. >> and she also comments on that katie couric interview as saying it was not her best. >>> we hear circumstance due sew lay is working on a show featuring mike am jackson's music. they held the second annual veterans part at rhino bar with usa cheerleader and all. the money went to tickets to reunite families of the shooting on the texas army base. >>> a power duo and furniture design dropped by bloomingdale's and chevy chase. they dedicated their book the comfortable home to lou lou their late dog. they shared her story at the washington humane society fashion for paws it was moderated by stephanie green and it revealed dc has home style. >> it is interesting to note this is not just a traditional city at all. it is a city and people like the modern aesthetic and there is a good mix here. >> i have a disclaimer for the next story that pits blonds versus brunettes. you have a chance to root for the gals you think should win in a powder football game. it is to benefit alzheimer's. it is tomorrow, kickoff at 1:00 a.m. at 210
cain's staffer nicole wallace for setting up the disastrous interview with katie couric. palin resents top mccain's strategist forcing her to talk positively about her daughter's teen pregnancy. >> she would not be a winning candidate for the republican party in 2012. >> reporter: but sarah palin is winning attention, again. republican insiders say don't count her out and say don't discount how sarah palin's conservative views might push her party to the right. i'm steve handelsman. nbc news, washington. >> sarah palin's book has a list price of $28.99 but many retailers are offering discounts. >>> today in north carolina, they found the body of a 5-year-old kbirl who disappeared last week. police found the body of shaniya davis in a wooded area off of a highway southwest of raleigh. officers charged two people over the weekend including the girl's mother. her name is antoinette. she's charged with human trafficking and felony child abuse. police say davis offered her daughter for prostitution. a man was also arrested. he was charged with kidnapping. >>> the space shuttle "atlantis" is now sa
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and away from the media. in a one-on-one with oprah winfrey set to air later, she talked about the katie couric interview. >> did you think that was a seminole defining moment for you? >> i did not. neither did the campaign. the campaign said, right on, good, you're showing your independence. this is what america needs to see. >> i'll try to find you son and bring them to you. >> i'm thinking if you thought that was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview was. >> the book hit shelves tuesday. palin is launching a book tour traveling through battleground states, including our own backyard in virginia. >>> just ahead on news4 at 4:00, sneak peek. >> a look at the new movie about the end of the world that hits the box office. >> nasa makes an amazing discovery on the moon. we'll show you what they found. >> monitoring the spam in your e-mail account and preventing yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft. >> buckle up, hold on, some scary stuff. a new movie hitting theaters tonight predicts the end of the world is just three years away. it's called "2012" and is based o
cain's campaign staffers for not allowing her to speak more freely and she questions her interview with katie couric and the relationship with levy johnston. going rogue is seen at her shot of redemption from being thrust into the national spotlight in last year's presidential campaign. an expert on republican strategy joined us in the studio this morning to talk more about that. >> the discussion in the book about the staff, by kind of keeping her in the box, i think there is some truth to that. think there were some staff members that she was not well served by and they're approach because they didn't dig down and see where she was connected with voters and what she was all about. is there a potential for her in the future? i think absolutely. and i think what she's doing on this book tour is basically showing herself and we'll see how much of a makeover there is in terms of the eyes of the press. >> palin has not revealed her political plans for 2012. >>> the pilot behind the mirac on the hudson is blasting a new book about the famed flight. captain chesley sullenberger says the book overs
due to excessive rush on the frame. >>> the cbs news less than an hour away. harry smith in for katie couric. good evening, harry. >> why did they earmark billions of your tax dollars for pet projects. we will follow the money. >>> a high end chef serving up meals and hope for the homeless. those stories and a lot more on thanksgiving eve right here on the evening news right after 9news now. back to you. >> it is thanksgiving eve. have a good one, harry. thank you. >>> more trees will soon line the national mall. >> but first, two people have a lot to be thankful for this holiday after walking away from a fiery plane crash. we will be right back. >>> i'm peggy fox with moms like what are you thanksgiving for this year? we would love to hear yours along with how you plan to spend black friday. join the discussions on >>> two people lucky to be alive after a plane crash today in north carolina. the single-engine cessna 170b crashed and burst into flames in chatham county west of raleigh. emergency officials say two people inside somehow escaped serious injury muc
focuses on another interview with cbs anchor, katie couric, who she calls biased and badgering. >> let's talk about the interview with katie couric. >> must we? >> yeah. >> did you think that was a seminal, defining moment for you? >> i did not. and neither did the campaign. that is why segment two and three and four and maybe five were scheduled. the campaign said, right on. good. you're showing your independence. this is what america needs to see. and it was a good interview. and, of course, i'm thinking, if you thought that was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview was because i knew it wasn't a good interview. >> reporter: this time, palin is in control. her book tour will crisscross the heartland, avoiding major cities. and hitting lots of battlegrounds. maybe that's a coincidence. or maybe this is a great way to launch a political comeback. remember the "the audacity of hope"? >> let's find out what george has to say about that. >>> and joining us from washington, with "the bottom line," our chief washington correspondent, and host of "this week," george stephanopou
to repair global reputation. katie sergeant joins us via it streambox with the latest. katie, what can we expect? >> hello, brian, well, you can expect a lot of talking here in singapore, the president arrived here a little earlier than expected and he touched down 6 p.m. saturday local time after adjusting his departure time from japan and that means he is here in time for the leaders dinner. the performing arts center for a time for informal socializing and for the all important photo op with the leaders dressed in an outfit reflecting local culture and now of course, here in singapore, that means the culture which is a combination of chinese, india and ma lay. the outfits from a local designer, and mandarin collared shirts for men and a sarong for ladies. the first presidential trip to singapore not the first time in the asia pacific region. he made reference to his hawaiian birth and childhood in indonesia and referred to him as america's first pacific president and promising that america would be more engaged in the region. >> so i want everyone to know, and i want everybody in ameri
with sarah palin. oprah released clips, listen to oprah ask her about the infamous katie couric interview. >> did you think that was a single defining moment for you. >> i did not and neither did the campaign. and that is why segment two and three and four and five were scheduled, the campaign was saying right on, this is what america needs to see, it was a good interview. i was thinking if you thought that was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview was because i knew it wasn't a good editor. >> sarah bernard and brian balatazar. did you see the katie couric interview she did? >> yes, i did. >> katie did what she was supposed to do and i don't say that just because i work at cbs. she did follow a lot, it was like journalism 101, it's sad that that's seen as somehow extraordinary. she did a great job, but it's par for the course. >> why was it seen as extraordinary. >> she wouldn't answer what kind of newspapers do you read. and it's okay if it's "highlights jshsz for children. it was a question that was somehow beneath her. and that's what ended up biting her. >> i think it's
the media, katie couric, brian williams, robin roberts, and sanjay gupta. you are looking at video right now. let's take our next telephone call from houston, missouri. david on the independent line, go ahead. caller: we would rather see our tax dollars paid to hunt down osama bin laden than to pay for health care on 20 million illegal aliens. thank you. host: thank you. next telephone call is from santa rosa, calif. on the democrats' line. good morning. caller: i was wondering if any of the troop surge included catching bin laden. i have not heard any more about that. t again. host: thank you. chile, republican -- joey, republican line. caller: i think we should stay the course. if we pulled out now, everybody who has died would have died in vain. all these democrats will are saying that we need to pull out. they have no idea. look what happened in somalia when those rangers wanted support and clinton denied it. democrats are likely need to pull out. clinton was the calveroward. 18 rangers and countless others died in vain. if we do not stay the course, everybody who has died in iraq and af
on the attacks that she had taken from the katie couric interview and whether or not john mccain had scolded her for the way she did that interview. take a look. bill: clearly in your book you feel that katie couric was out to get you. >> i let the transcripts speak for itself and readers will decide for themselves if she had any kind of bias or nonobjective. bill: you think she was out to get you. it's different than gibson. >> i think that she was out to get -- if you will, anyone who didn't believe in her perspective. it's not like she was going to get in there and be, i think, unbiased, objective, and fair. bill: interesting. >> but it is my bad. it is my mistake. it is my inexperience in dealing with the media elite in my response a very annoyed response to a very annoying question. bill: john mccain did, he ever scold you after the couric interview and gibson interview? did he ever call you and tell you sarah, have you got to elevate your name. >> he was nothing but positive, encouraging and supportive. >> no contention between you. >> not an ounce of contention, no. brian: i know you are
insurance for the very first time. americans like katie gibson, a cancer survivor from bozeman, montana who shared her story with me this summer. because of a medical condition, katie's insurance policy was suddenly revoked when she needed it the most even though she was paying her premiums. i called katie this morning and i told her that when the bill that passed last night becomes law, we'll be able to protect americans just like her from the kind of insurance company abuses she had tone door. and i told her that it was because of her willingness to share her story and the extraordinary activism that she and people like her all across the country displayed, not just this year but over the last several years, that we are finally this close to getting reform done. their lives are what's at stake in this debate. and moments like this are why they sent us here, to finally meet the challenges that washington has put off for decades, to make their lives better and this nation stronger, to move america forward. that's what the house did last night when it brought us closer than we have ever been
. there would have been. you notice brian williams and katie you aric were there that night. they didn't show up with their camera crew. and, so, no. it should have sent off all sorts of flags. and i will tell you, i expect that the uniformed division secret service folks are going to be in lots of trouble. >> still plenty of discussion. lisa, looking at this from another angle, there is so much talks about everybody wanting their 15 minutes of fame. this is just another way, and it could perhaps set off some ideas of other people of hey, this is a way for me to be a reality tv star? >> sure. you mean like the balloon boy gang, for example? >> perhaps. >> others have already thought of this, right? doing some kind of crazy hoax and getting their name in the news and here we are going along it with showing her over and over again. i think if you're a tall, thin, dazzling blonde and look the par part and walk in, can you get into a lot of places. she even got into the white house. this may help her on the reality show. i understand she is auditioning for it. i think it is irwin's fault for making
it was hostile of katie? >> it was straightforward questions and she did what she was supposed to do. she did follow up. it was like journalism 101. it is sad that that seemed extraordinary. she did a great job. >> why was it seen as extraordinary. >> she wouldn't answer a single question. it is okay if it is for children. she just wouldn't cave in and say it. it was a question that was beneath her and i think that is what ended up biting her. >> i think it was actually really interesting because people in the audience of the oprah taping said that sarah palin intimated that she might be interested in hosting a talk show. i thought that was the most interesting news. is that what we will get? that will be christmas for a long time. >> i thought that sarah was brilliant in what we just saw. she was doing an amazing impression of tina fey. >> but her hair looks better. >> she is gorgeous. she is very pretty. we all know that. oprah asking palin about levi johnston. >> one final question about levi. will he be invite fod thanks giving dinner? >> that's a great question. it's lovely to think that
is coming, or no, he's not? >> open invitation for levi to come to aunt katie's house for thanksgiving dinner in washington. there, it's there. >> well, "showbiz tonight" was right there with levi at the "gq" man of the year party in hollywood last night and reporters were pressing levi about thanksgiving with the palins. he refused to comment, unfortunately. i was looking for some information on that. but, hyla, after all the venom between sarah and the guy that was almost her son-in-law, can you imagine levi and sarah sharing drumsticks and mashed potatoes at aunt katie's? >> let me think about this. no, absolutely not. not in a million years will this guy be anywhere near the palin compound. >> levi told "playgirl" he thought it would be awkward if he came to the palin thanksgiving dinner. understatement of the year? >> i think he would be worried that he wasn't actually the guest, but actually the stuffed turkey. although i would love to be a fly on that wall. it would be too good. >> rachel zalis, hyla, thanks so much, guys, appreciate it. we've been asking you to vote on our "sho
. clayton: katie couric, steven spielberg. these two people aren't on the list and they show up at the white house and they just manage to go through the procession there and they are not even on the list. i guess now there is a bit of a secret service investigation into these guys. they ended up being in the same room as the withpresident. >> she is taking pictures with joe biden. >> they were posted on their facebook page. they said so happy to go to the white house honoring india. they are bragging about it turns out that they are trying to get themselves a reality show. ainsley: did you watch that reality show housewives of orange county, new york. apparently they are going to be on the housewives. whatever, you know you have seen it. rick: i have never seen it in my life. ainsley: whatever. they are going to be on housewives of d.c. i believe it's already filmed. i like that housewives. clayton: they were trying to get on that show or they are part of the show. i don't know how in the world they found out all of the details about it. about the procession, what time to arrive. here is th
that her real major misstep was her interview with katie couric. even sarah palin admits that it did not go well. she admitted that to oprah winfrey and talks about it in the book. every aspirant to high office should be it able to answer tough questions. what happened with sarah palin was a cultural revulsion. any rumored to be inherited, every fact that might confirm this caricature of her as some sort of radical conservative bent on taking us back to the stone age was embraced. every factor that contradicted that, which is most of her political profile prior to 2008, directly rebuffs that khartoum. well, those facts were dismissed. host: caller? caller: it seems to me that everything you just said, she seems to have this mentality, as many like her do, that any type of questioning or the slightest bit of negativity is right away and attack. i have not read the book, obviously, it has not come out yet, i am looking forward to it, but from what i have heard a great deal of it is about the left-wing media being out to get her. guest: well, there is something to the fact that people are out
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